Sharanam Mala


touching the stones – listening to their tunes – deepening the insight – enjoying the revelations
hear the call – make the journey – find your inmost cave
evolving into love & peace

Some of the sharanam healing stone malas are unique pieces. If the one you find yourself attracted to is already sold, please contact me and together we will find a way to create exactly the one you long for//custom made Malas start at 250.-€/ excl Tax. Please send me a picture of you, your number. We will have a deepening conversation about Samskaras (mental impression,  psychological imprints) that brings us to the intention for your Mala. Also  I am always interested in your physical body, your breathing, your sleep and your relationships. If you are in Munich , you are able to visit the Mala Atelier where I live. The Mala Meditation – called – Japa Mala is a ancient tradition to calm the mind and create mindfulness. With the Mantra you embody the quality of the deity.

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Die Mala-Auswahl  bei Sharnam- Heilstein- Malas  ist vielfältig. Du kannst wäheln zwischen Kollektionen, Einzelstücken, oder dir eine eigenen Mala machen lassen. Eine individuelle Mala beginnt  bei  250.-€ / excl. Tax , je nach Steinen und Dauer des Telefonats. Wir werden deine Themen bei einem Besuch, Telefonat,  oder Skypesession besprechen. Um tiefere Schichten des Bewusstseins zu erreichen – und den Bauch sprechen zu lassen – ist eine kleine Atem und Yogasession vorab eine gute und schöne Möglichkeit. Japa Mala ist eine alte traditionelle Weise deinen Geist zur Ruhe zu bringen und die Qualitäten des gewählten Mantras zu verkörpern.

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"Ardhanarisvara" stellt Shiva halb als Mann und halb als Frau dar. Sei ...

Atha Yoga Ansushasanam

In the small and in the great
Union and revelation is yours


In the small and in the great
Union and revelation is yours

be here /root

Chakra 1-5-7 growing and expanding like a tree
suitable growing< ...

Beyond Mala

clear. conscious. evolving. strong. transforming

entering: ...


This is a key to become gentle
Blessed with joy and lifeforce


Chakra 2-3-4-6-7 we are the ones we have been waiting for ( Hopi Elders)

Deep One

Grounding Now
Flowing to surrender
you are living a renaissanc ...

Drop in the ocean

Drop in the Ocean of bliss

Listen to your dreams.

Durga Mala /Shine your light

Shine your Light Mala
Citrine, Prehnit, Mondstein&l ...

Female Wisdom Mala

Pure & Clear
shakti wisdom & force
Be present, be ...

Flair Mala

Wie ein Olivenhain
Ein Hauch von Ewigkeit.
Ein stückweit ...

Ganesha´s Love Mala / Amulett

Ganesha`s Love
Ich helfe dir Hindernisse zu erkennen und tief in dir ...

Garuda Mala

Klarsicht, Einsicht und Überblick
Konzentration in der Meditation.&l ...


Lila (sanskrit: spielen, vergnügen) Dort wo die Freude pulsiert, ruht die Esse ...

Guidance Mala

Let love rule
Mantra: so ham

Rosenquarz, Serpent ...

Harmony Mala

receive the peace
receive infinit love

Holistic Love Mala

Holistic Love Mala I am there to open your heart and soul for your hi ...

Inner Guru Mala

Das Leben in allen Farben und Schattierungen umarmen und er-leben
Dur ...

Knowing by Heart-Mala

Du siehst die Eindrücke
Kommen und gehen
Das Dunkle wird ...

love/ heart

Chakra: 4/1/7/
strong life force
pure love by nature < ...

Meru Mala

during the last years
I have made a lot of custom made malas

Natural Beauty Mala

Natural Beauty Mala
Ich bringe dir tiefe Verbidung zum Leben, zur Nat ...

Obsidian Mala Light on Shadows

Sign your time.
What is really going on with you? Listen deeply from ...

Peace Now Mala

For ever for you
You make the decision
Free, clear, beyond ...


Protection & Luck

Clear, pure, brave Mantra: Om Gam Ga ...

Receiving Light Mala

Receiving Light
I will join and support you on that wonderful mysthi ...

Recreation Mala

Nature - receive Healing – receive Potential- receive
Let go and a ...

Relief Mala

Erleichterung, Entlastung, Konzentration auf Wesentliches



Immerwährender Strom göttlicher Gnade
Weise erkennst du dich und di ...

see/ third eye

Charka 6 ( mainly but all others also)
you are very well guided by yo ...

sound / throat

Chakra 5-4-3
your words are direct transformation of your thoughts&l ...

Tenderness Mala

In der Verletzlichkeit , liegt die Zärtlichkeit
Becoming tender


Wir begleiten die Menschen schon lange und helfen zu erkennen was das Leben dic ...

trust the process-mala

Tiefes Vertrauen für den Prozess deinem wahren selbst näher zu kommen- wo imme ...

Unconditional Love

unconditional Love

what else to say.
This is the ...

Universal Mala

Any single nothing is pure love in univers. inhale is love
exhale is ...

Wild and Free Mala

Wild and free Mala. Wir unterstützen dich fokussiert, gewahr, und entspannt zu ...

wisdom / crown

Wisdom/ Crown
Chakra 7-1-2 beyond
Mantra: so ham



SHARANAM is a word in Sanskrit (refined speech from vedic times) and means refuge , also in the intension of internalization.

Meditation with Mala and a Mantra, is called Japa . It is a very good starting point for focusing and concentration with easeness. Sing the mantra  in the beginning with sound, later you can repeat it silently.  In both cases you´ll experience  and internalize the qualtity the mantra embodies,  getting  closer to a steady stream of awareness and insight.

All you seek is inside – pure abundance and oneness, come in, you are expected.

If you´ll  just wear the malas and necklaces as a good friend you´ll have the chance of  learning from the stone qualities.

What I felt during making the mala, is written down for you. You can see it as an impuls, but you´ll also make your own experiences with them.

I am grateful  for making malas  and finding people who welcome them. Making the malas, leads me to growing awareness and love.
Sitting in a powerful circle of receiving  and sending out again.

I do have other creative fields also. As a mother, yoga teacher, and filmmaker I try my best. That´s why  the individual malas sometimes take up to four weeks to reach you. Therefore you can be sure, they are made with great regard.



SHARANAM  ist ein Sanskrit Wort ( Gelehrtensprache aus alter indischer Zeit ) Sharanam bedeutet so viel wie Zuflucht finden. Im Sinne von Verinnerlichung und tiefstem Vertrauen.

Meditation mit einer Mala ( Gebetskette , hier bei Sharanam-Mala  aus Halbedelsteinen mit bestimmten Eigenschaften)  & Mantra  (Anrufung/ Spruch/ Hymne) wird JAPA genannt und ist ein sehr hilfreiches Instrument , um den Geist auszurichten, zu focusieren, um Präsenz zu erfahren.

Wenn ich die Malas lege, bearbeite und knüpfe ist es auch eine Art Meditation und ich schreibe dir auf, was an Inforamtionen zur jeweiligen Mala kam.

Ich freue mich die Sharanam-Malas zu machen, denn es ist für mich Meditation & Erfahrungschule. Ich empfange und sende es weiter. Es ist ein stabilisieren, vertiefen und weiten von Bewusstsein.



Why meditate with a mala and mantra?

Mantra is a sanskrit word and means„ instrument of thought“ .  You´ll teach the mind to focus on one thing. Really focus – not beeing disturbed by any other „very important „ rash or recurring thought.

And !!! The mantra is a great helper in itself. The mantra awakes or reflects the qualities it embodies. It is a high frequenzy door opener to your soul and highest consciousness. With the mala in your hand, you´ll have a good friend which counts the minutes you sit, so that you can forget about time. And of course the stone spirits also like to be in touch with you. Tuning through your „bodies“, entering your heart with their special and helping informations.

It is a very old and tested practice to mediate with a mala. It is  for a lot of people much easier to calm down, find a good seat and focus.

 If you wear the mala during the day it keeps you aware of your path and qualities you feel good with.


 What materials are the mala beads made from?

I buy the beads from very good traders, which provide stones in really high quality, stones that are not irradiate or overworked to make them brighter. The quality of Sharanam Mala stones is very high, so that you can receive the pure tune of the stones.

The wooden/sead beads come from Indian Malas directly. I only use beads I feel good with. Even wooden beads have very different quatlities.

The quality of the beads depends on all the cicumstanzes under which they grew, „harvested“ and processed. I try my best to find even fair trade stones, but it ins´t that easy. I´ll keep you informed about this point.

When I make the malas I am chanting, listening to mantras, finding a connection … which also informs the beads with good energy. If I do a individual one for you, knowing what is your theme, it´s a connection to your personal field, bringing positive vibes, and light and what is needed.


How do I choose my Mala? 

First of all trust your intuition. Don´t question it immediately.  Ask your higher consciousness for help, it´ll come.

You can choose also by  intension: because all the malas have different themes, colour: which resonates with your chakras, beauty: which mirrors you, engery you might feel …

If you want an individual mala we can skype or phone, after you´ve sent me a request,  I´ll get back to you as soon as possible.


What´s on with those 108 beads ?

108 represents many things including:

The number of Upanishads, the number of names of Hindu Deities, Nataraja’s 108 dances, the 108 Gopis, Number of Sins in Tibetan Buddhism, 108 energy lines converting from the heart chakra, 108 Holy Temples of Vishnu, number of masculine and feminine letters combined in the sanskrit alphabet, the number of marmas in the subtle body etc. take a look in numerologie also….


What is the Guru Stone? (109th Stone)

Each mala necklace has an additional guru stone. This is the stone where we thank holybeings, our teachers, family, parents, friends, mentors etc.) and acknowledge our connection to the divine.


Knotted or unknotted?

If you are using the mala for Japa/Meditation I would recommend to take a knotted one. If you are going to wear the mala as a powerful juwelery, than you don´t need the knots. The mala becomes a littel bit longer with knots and also is a little smoother to wear. If you have found an unkotted, but you would like to have it knotted, please note that in your oder. For knotting the charge is 25,00 Euro extra.


How should I care for my Malas?

Malas are the original prayer strings. Even if you want to wear it all the time, please don´t during body contact with water, asana practice or other wild body movements. Please treat your mala carefuly, respecfuly, and with awareness. This is a handmade peace. Please even don´t wring it around your wrist. The swamis and monks might do so with their wooden malas, but they can quite easily find a new one … .-)


How do I choose a mantra?

In many traditions it is general that a mantra is given to you by your guru / teacher. This is  true and beautiful. But you can also choose by yourself.

Melt with your inner Guru!

The mantra doesn´t  has to be in sanskrit, though I would  highly recommend it.  The power of this holy old language is strong and helpful

But every affirmation as –  let go, I am love  –  is good also.



1. To remove obstacles or to realize them the Ganesha Mantra is usefull: OM GAM GANAPATHAYE NAMAHA

2. For abundance, feminin qualtities and joy: OM AIM HRIM KLIM MAHA LAKSHMIYE NAMAHA

3. Being aware and open for transformations: OM NAMAH SHIVAYA

There are very good Mantra Books available, I would like to recommend the ones by Thomas Ashley-Ferrand


How do I clean my mala?

There are several ways to clean a mala. You need to to it, when the stones are becoming dull. Then they need a rest from the exchange. The classical way is to use a little bowl with hematite stones, put the mala in there over night. Putting it into a bowl with mountain crystal for 24 hours afterwards.

You can also hang the mala into moonlight or the morning sun. Burn white sage or clear it by the sound vibration such as chanting or tibetan bowl.



TRIBE (The main Jivamukti Center in N.Y.C.) (big Thanxxx to her, she helped me with the sharanam-mala homepage) (Heil Stein Wissen)






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